Sunday, 11 August 2013

Neon Glitter Comparison

Hey everyone!
I told you I would do a quick comparison of some neon polishes, so here it is!
I looked through my entire stash and the only neon polishes that appeared to have similar colors were these 3: Pipe Dream Polish - Like Totally, Femme Fatale Lacquer - Oh My Neon, and Rainbow Honey - Magic Cake.

As you can see they may all have Neon blue, green and pink glitters but they aren't very similar at all. Like Totally has medium sized glitter in various sizes, and Oh My Neon and Magic Cake have a wider range of sizes.
Oh My Neon and Magic Cake both have small neon blue glitter, but Magic Cake has larger pieces of glitter in different colors/sizes where Oh My Neon's glitters are smaller and consist of squares and micro green glitter.

These neon polishes may appear similar in the bottle but they are so different on. This just makes me want to go buy more neon glitters, I always think they look too similar but this just proves that besides the colors being the same the glitters are very different.

Thanks for reading! xox


  1. reat comparison. Piie Dream is my fav.

  2. My fave is Like Totally. Thanks for the comparison!

  3. Great comparisons :D I think I like Pipe Dream hehe

  4. I like "Like Totally" the best!