Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My Polish Stash

Hey loves!
I'm back today with a post thats a bit different for me, I'll be showing you my stash/polish area.
I have wanted to do this for awhile but every time I went to take pictures they just never turned out nicely. Thankfully I finally got some pictures I'm satisfied with :)

Lets start with my set up! I have a rolling shelf unit with a Melmer on top as well as 2 Helmers (Only 1 is photographed). I have all of this set up in my living room (No where else in my 1 bedroom apartment), thankfully it's a pretty big living room.

This is a view from above, I have a basket of nail polish I am trying to sell on top of my Melmer, and then a little 3 drawer container filled with nail art supplies.

I'll start with my Melmer (You can buy these at Michaels). My top drawer is the drawer I go into the most often. This drawer has Cotton Squares, Q-tips (for cleanup), Sponges, My camera battery charger, and business cards from various brands I've worked with. 

My second drawer has supplies for mailing out nail mail. I've got boxes of cards, bubble mailers, and tape!

And my bottom drawer has giveaway supplies in it. I've got chocolates/candy, little bags, polishes to use for giveaways, and random stuff lol.

Next up is my nail art supplies that I keep in the 3 drawer container on top of my Helmer.
Top drawer consists of nail art brushes, striping brushes, and dotting tools. 

Second drawer has striping tape, stamping supplies, studs, and glitter.

The last drawer has all of my polish stripers? I don't really know what to call them haha.

Now lets get straight to the polishes, I'll show you my first Helmer.
The top drawer is my first indie polish drawer. This drawer is filled with the indie brands I first tried/cherish the most. I've got Different Dimension, Candy Lacquers, Rainbow Honey, Candeo Colors, Daring Digits, Krafty Gurl, Femme Fatale Lacquer, Glitzology and Lush Lacquer. 

#2  is another indie drawer. Once my top indie drawer was full I realized I had to start a second lol, yay! This one has Wingdust, Fandom Cosmetics, Franken Frosting, Polishaus, Pipe Dream Polish, Pretty and Polished, Lime Crime, and my mini's that I've reviewed. 

#3 is all Color Clubs. My favorite non-indie brand! Also, you can see how I organize my polish in the colors of the rainbow lol.

#4 is all China Glaze. If I buy anymore I will have to start a second CG Drawer.

#5 consists of polish I don't have too much of. OPI, Orly, Barielle, Essie and Zoya. I used to have a ton of OPI's and Barielles but I've started de-stashing recently and had to part with a lot.

#6, the last drawer in my first helmer is again filled with randoms. Illamasqua, Nubar, Seche, Deborah Lippman, Butter London, Sephora by OPI, Sephora X, Nails Inc, Funky Fingers, Finger Paints, Hello Kitty, Ciate, and Julep.

Then I recently bought myself a second Helmer. I didn't have TOO much to put in there, but I've made use out of most drawers!
#1 is filled with mostly top coats. I also have cuticle oils, creams, hardeners, nail wheels, and files.

#2 is my drugstore polish drawer. I've got Sinful Colors, Pure Ice, Hard Candy, Gosh, Joe, Revlon, and Nicole by OPI.

#3 is again drug store polishes (and it's messy lol). I've got Sally Hansen and Essence in here.

#4 has extra nail art stuff. For some odd reason I have candy in here lol, but I have nail wraps, stickers and nail tattoos as well!

#5 has all my Sephora by OPI Gelshine products in it!

My last drawer is still empty, I need more polish to fill it haha.

And that's it, that's my polish stash! I hope you enjoyed reading this, it was fun doing something different!

Thanks! xox


  1. Loved seeing this! I really enjoy seeing how other people store all there nail polish and stuff!

  2. That is a hell load of nail polish colours! :P

  3. Oooh such a cute set up! Love it!

  4. Perfect! I realize now that I have absolute chaos!))
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