Friday, 28 June 2013

Sick Lacquers Swatches and Review

Happy Friday everyone!
I have another review for you today, this one is for Sick Lacquers. Sick Lacquers is a mother and son team creating beautiful custom polishes.
First off, I had an issue with one of the bottles I received, it wouldn't open. My fiance and me both tried and had no luck and Sick Lacquers offered to replace the bottle for me and apologized. Thankfully we ended up getting the bottle open, using a pair of pliers, I'm unsure as to why it got stuck. The bottle did end up quite damaged in the process so I decided to hold the base polish for the pictures instead.
Sick Lacquers provides a "stick" with each polish for you to stir up the glitter in case it clumps. I haven't seen another indie brand do this and I thought it was pretty cute.

I Pink I Blue Up - A white base with fuchsia and blue glitter, there's hexes, bar, and circle glitter in different sizes. I started off with a white base and then applied 2 coats of I Pink I Blue Up over top. I stirred the polish with the stick they provided before applying because most of the glitter was stuck at the bottom, it really helped bring the glitter up and made it apply nice and evenly.

Star Spangled Glamour - A clear base with red, white and blue glitter in various sizes. First off I love the name of this polish, so cute. I'm Canadian, so I typically wouldn't have a 4th Of July polish, but I actually think this polish is totally wearable for us non-Americans. I chose to swatch 1 coat over a grey base and it applied very evenly.

Overall I'm very happy with my experience with Sick Lacquers, especially the amazing customer service I received. They assured me they will be fixing the issue with the bottles so no one else will have this kind of issue.

Please check out Sick Lacquers shop, you can find these polishes and many more for only $7!

*All products were provided to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


  1. These are super cute, I love the first one!

  2. Great polishes! So nice of them to include a stick for mixing if needed :)