Thursday, 30 May 2013

NCLA Nail Wraps - Stephanie's Galaxy Review

Hey loves!
I have another review for you, this time its a product from NCLA which was sent to me by Nail Polish Canada.

I actually don't use nail wraps usually so this was a great chance for me to try it out.
I took a few step by step pictures for you (not many), and wrote instructions on how to use these.

Okay, so this is everything that comes in a set from NCLA. You get 2 sheets of Nail Wraps (you can only see one here, my bad), a step by step guide as well as a nail file. You also need to apply a base coat first, like always to protect your nails, and then a topcoat over top to ensure it lasts.

After you have applied a base coat you need to find the wrap closest to the size of your nail.

I don't have any more step by step pictures now, lol. I got too wrapped up in doing them that I forgot.
These nail wraps just peel off the sheet, and make sure you apply them with the round side against the cuticle. Make sure you stretch the nail wrap so it doesn't wrinkle up and gets a perfect fit! Once the nail wrap is on and flat against the nail take your nail file and file in a downwards motion to remove any excess.
Apply a topcoat to seal it all in and your done!

Here's the finished look!

I really love the look of these, and I kept them on for 2 days and had no problems. My only issue was that I did end up with a little "bubbling" on my index finger right away, even though I made sure to pull it flat. I'm sure it could have been because this was my first time and practice makes perfect!
Also, taking these off wasn't too easy.. I lost a layer or so underneath.. thank god for my base coat. I applied a nail hardener after though and they look back to normal.

NCLA Nail Wraps can be purchased HERE at Nail Polish Canada for $16 each and free shipping!

Thanks for reading! xox

*All products were provided to me by the company for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


  1. These are so pretty! I've never actually tried nail wraps :o

  2. "I got too wrapped up in doing them that I forgot."

    Haha, wrapped. Too funny. Very pretty though!

  3. Ooh these look awesome on you!!