Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Barielle - Purple Hearts

I had to go looking through my pictures to find something for you today, because most of the pictures I've taken lately I'm planning for just before Valentines Day. Thankfully I had a few swatches I haven't used yet!
This is Barielle - Purple Hearts, I have a swatch of it over black and one over purple.

I don't know why I never showed this swatch earlier, I must have just forgot about it, but this is a stunning glitter. Barielle always makes such pretty polishes.

Also, I have my giveaway ready.. I just need to take a better picture of the prize (the lighting seems to suck in my apartment lately).

Thanks for reading


  1. Love! Looks great with the purple!

  2. Beautiful!! Love the top photo with the black base color! :)