Friday, 7 September 2012

Color Club - Lavendarling

I got this polish in a mixed Color Club set at Winners, and as usual there were no names on the polishes. After looking around I'm pretty sure this is Lavendarling, it's a gorgeous shade of purple.. not a pastel, and not too dark.

I wore this polish last week after I got it with an accent nail of Color Club - Magic Attraction. I think the two polishes looked amazing together, but what polish doesn't look good with holo glitter?

Also, I really want to do more nail art but I've been so uninspired lately, so I would love if you guys would give me some suggestions!

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  1. Man I hate the unnamed Winners sets.. I just got two and I figured SOME of them out but I thought I had Lavendarling and it looks nothing like this.. haha.

  2. Gorgeous! Love glitter accents :D