Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Swizzle Stix with Platinum Record

Hey lovelies
Are you surprised to see me posting? I'm happy I have at least something for you!!
This was a cute and simple combo I did last week, I used: Barielle - Swizzle Stix and Color Club - Platinum Record.
I apologize for the picture, it was after a day of wear and you can totally see it at my tips.

I really loved Platinum Record over this shade of blue, everyone at work kept complimenting them lol.

Today is actually my last day of training (I'm super nervous because it's a full face make-up application today.. eep), and then I move on to Brand Training which is going to be amazing. This also means my head won't be so filled with an insane amount of knowledge so I will be able to start blogging more regularly for all of you amazing followers.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you're all doing amazing!


  1. Lovely combo! It's nice hearing from you again:) And for the full face make-up application: I'm sure you can do it!

  2. You seem to really be enjoying your new job :) Good for you!

    That Barrielle polish is GORGEOUS!!

  3. Beautiful! I have Swizzle Stix too and I love it!

  4. This is gorgeous! I love it paired with Platinum Record!

  5. I can see why you got so many compliments :D