Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Candy Lacquer - Peyton

I have had this polish for awhile, I got it in a swap and I just never bothered using it.
I tried it over Color Club - Nomadic in Nude first, because who doesn't love nudes and holo?

Of course I had to try it over a black as well.

I love this polish, it's simple and gives any color a nice holo. I really need to get my hands on more Candy Lacquer polishes, all of her polishes are stunning.



  1. It looks sooo good over the black polish. It really makes the holo pop! Wow!

  2. Ouuu, this looks great! You're right, who doesn't love a holo over a nude polish?

  3. I really love it over the nude polish! It's super pretty. Even on the black it's stunning.

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  5. This is lovely :) It looks great over both, but I really like it over the nude!

  6. I'm such a Candy Lacquer fangirl! This is no exception! I was stuck on her glitters but now you have me thinking I should try her holos too...