Friday, 27 July 2012

Essence - Where Is The Party?

Hey everyone!
Today I have a swatch of a polish from Essence, I got this awhile but completely forgot about it until I cleaned out my polish drawers yesterday lol.
Where Is The Party? A Purple/Green duochrome. The formula was okay, I had no problems with it. The only major downside was that I hate when you can see brush strokes, and you could see them with this.

I didn't mind this polish, it's not something I would normally like but I thought it was okay.
I'm really working hard on figuring out this camera, I think I've got it for the most part!

I hope you're all having a wonderful day, thanks for reading!


  1. Despite the brushstrokes, it's still a really pretty color!

  2. Yess I found this too! It's more duochromey than Grey's Anatomy or OPI NTLM, I find it amaazing :D
    I love how purple it is, one of the crazier green to purple duochromes I've seen.

  3. I have had this polish for some time now and have not used it! Must use soon! :)

    1. You definitely should, its lovely!

  4. This polish is gorgeous! I think you captured it so well!! Your pics look awesome <3

  5. I actually read a great blog entry about how to fix brushstrokey polishes! Sponge on your last coat!
    Here's the link!