Wednesday, 6 June 2012

GlitterDaze - Flower Girl

Hey lovelies!
You all saw my wonderful nail mail the other day, and I've been having such a hard time deciding what to use from all those polishes! Today I went with GlitterDaze - Flower Girl, this polish is an almost sheer red base packed with tons of glitter, the glitter is various colors with so many different shapes to them.

I wasn't sure what color base to use with this polish so I went with your typical black, I wanted to make sure you could see all the colors of glitter. This polish is really unique, you don't see many polishes with cute flower glitter. I love this, but I do have to say it was a pain trying to get the flower glitter out of the bottle. I kept on sticking the brush in and digging around trying to find the flowers, because obviously I had to show them on my nails. I won't let that issue affect how much I adore this polish. You can buy GlitterDaze polish on etsy!

I'm currently swatching my OPI DS polishes for you guys, so look out for that soon!

I hope you're all having a great day, thanks for reading!


  1. Well your effort was worth it, the flowers look very good!

  2. THAT is amazing glitter!!

  3. I love this! Super cute and pretty.

  4. It looks sooooo pretty over black!

  5. Wow I like the little flower glitters! So unique! :D