Thursday, 3 May 2012

Funky triangle tips mani!

Hey everyone!
I recently picked up 2 colors from the Color Club Take Wing Collection, and I decided to use them together to create something fun! This isn't something I've tried before, and it was entirely freehanded.. no tape!

I took so many pictures of these, but most of them came out blurry.. and by the time I realized I had already taken the polish off. :( I loved this design though, it was so simple and fun.. and something I've never tried before!

I also took a few pictures of the polish before I added the design, so you can see how lovely both colors are.

The pink is Wing Fling, and the blue is Sky High. I love both of these polishes, so gorgeous and the blue has a nice duochrome. Sadly, the blue stained.. but that happens with a lot of blue polishes I find. Just use a nice base coat before hand.

Also, I've decided to do a small giveaway when I reach 400 followers.. which I'm so close to (right now I'm only 4 followers away)! So look out for that, and help me reach this so I can give you all a little something!

Thank you for reading everyone, enjoy your day!


  1. Wow, great job freehanding that, gorgeous mani! Those 2 colours are so pretty together, too :)

  2. How the heck did you freehand that? So neatly! Those colours together look amazing, I'm always in for something like that :)

    1. It was really easy to freehand it, I just used white polish and a striping brush, then painted the other color over the white! I'm awful at tape mani's, so I always have to attempt to freehand lol.

    2. You make it sound easier that it is, I'm sure! I'm a total disaster for what comes to freehanding things...

  3. These colors are so pretty! omg, Lindsay! Your free hand is amazing! The lines are so clean! :D