Sunday, 29 April 2012

Nubar - Black & White Polka Dot

Hey lovelies!
It's a beautiful Sunday here in Ontario, the sun is shining (which hasn't happened often lately)!
On Friday I went shopping with a friend and happened to find a set of Nubar polishes at Winners, I never find Nubar there so I was so excited.

As you can see, they are also Black & White polka dot polishes.. I've been dying for black and white glitter.. and now I finally have it. 
I decided for a nice simple look to try it out, and went with black and white as my base polishes.

If you look closely at my ring finger you can see this beautiful subtle shimmer that White Polka Dot  has, it's somewhat bluey-greeny? I love it. I can't wait to try these polishes out with different colors!

I hope you're all enjoying your Sunday, and this gorgeous weather!


  1. This is very pretty.I love the accent nail.

  2. Very classy, the accent nail gives it an edge. Gorgeous.
    I love these glitters too xoxo

  3. Awesome! It's sunny where I am too today :) Yay for the weather! These black and white glitters are amazing!

  4. !! I haven't seen these at Winner's, ever! Love the white over black :D

  5. I am also dyyyying for these polishes! Now I want to get them right this second- ha!

  6. Fabulous! I need to look up these polishes, they are so cool!

  7. I am dying for these! Black and white glitter are my weakness!